Daily Archives: September 30, 2013

Here’s what’s happening

Earlier last week…

  • Imagine this, but with the tape too high instead of too low

    Imagine this, but with the tape too high instead of too low

    Nixon’s transmitter had been peeking out from under the bottom edge of the tape (or perhaps the IV3000 wasn’t centered properly over the whole contraption). So, like any good parent would do when a covering is riding a bit too high, I insisted it be covered up with additional material; in this case, Opsite Flexifix.

  • The following night was Glucose-gate.  But the day after that, my CGM accurately indicated a BG of 70, but despite several snack-like corrections, continued to report (falsely) 60…50…40. So I pulled it. It left a painful gumball-sized welt underneath my skin which still exists to this day. I guess when you wrap bottom too tightly, the top tries to move around, and funky, painful things happen.
  • I also was having some irritation, poor absorption, and overall hard spots at my Sure-T infusion site. So I pulled it out, moved it about an inch, and stuck it back in. It’s so cool that I can do that.
  • My new sensor went in awkwardly and was wildly inaccurate for the first 36 hours. After trying to fix it with calibrations didn’t work, I decided to “re-start” it, effectively wiping out all of the previous calibrations.

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