Daily Archives: September 19, 2013

Behind the A1C secrecy

do-not-shareYesterday, I wrote about how I had achieved a personal A1C goal, and that it’s time for me to set a new one.

What I didn’t tell you is what that goal was. I’ve made it a personal policy to NOT share my A1C (although I will tell the change from one to the next). But I’ll say it was modest – a baby-step from my previous two results. But I’m still not happy. I don’t know if that goal is good enough, and I fear setting an even more aggressive target.

Why? Because while some people would love to have A1Cs like mine, others have A1Cs that are significantly better (or lower- perhaps that’s the preferred term). And yet, there’s a third group that has been coasting along at my longtime target for an eternity already. I know this because they’ve told me – and told the world – what their A1C is. And, in a way, it makes me jealous.

I know that it’s morally wrong to think of other people’s test results in the same context of my own, but it happens. I believe that, when knowledgeable of one’s own number and that of a companion – whether regarding test scores, income levels, or lab results – it’s human nature to compare. This leads to the inevitable judging of either the other person, of myself, or both. That makes me uncomfortable.

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