Daily Archives: September 12, 2013

Say it ain’t so


If you follow this blog’s Facebook page, you probably saw the little blurb I put up over the weekend. I photographed part of a page out of Diabetes Forecast, the magazine published by the American Diabetes Association. As I see it, this is a respectable organization; there are no lies, ulterior motives, or deep discounts on snake oil from them. If they say it, I tend to believe it.

But in September’s issue, right there on page 20, was the bold headline that you see above. The paragraph that follows was quite disturbing, and generated a bit of discussion under the Facebook post.

The online version of the story, with the same content but a headline slightly modified to read “INACTIVE KIDS HAVE HIGHER TYPE 1 RISK” is available for all to read — if you dare. With respect to the magazine’s copyright, I won’t copy the entire piece here, but the first sentence just about sums it up:

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