Wordless Wednesday: Something new

My diabetes life has been kind of boring lately. So with my most recent supply order, I decided to get one box of something different. Y’know, mix it up a little.


Does that make any sense?

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  1. Those are what my daughter uses. We love them, but of course they’re the only ones we’ve tried. Hope you like them!


  2. What’s the difference between this and the plain ol sets?


    • Do you mean the QuickSets? To be honest, other than the insertion mechanism I don’t know. I tried putting in a couple of Quicksets during training years ago, and when that went painfully (possibly due to the newness of it all, not the actual set), I traded my introductory QS’s for Silhouettes and never tried them again.

      Maybe someone else can answer this for you?


  3. I’ve never heard of those! Keep me posted on how they go…I’ve been using the same Silhouettes for YEARS. Also, you use an insertion mechanism for them??


    • The Mio has an inserter built-in (kinda like the Dexcom sensor, I suppose. I haven’t used either so far). So you HAVE to use it. I never use the Sil inserter, BTW…


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