Not-quite Wordless: What it takes


After seeing more double-up arrows in the last two days than I’d seen in the previous two weeks, I decided to leave my desk and do a site-change in the office mens’ room. A balancing act of epic proportions.

The following day, I still was plagued with the double-up, so I popped the top on a new vial of insulin.

Here’s hoping Wednesday turns out better, and that a lousy three days doesn’t kill my hopefully-not-lousy three month average.

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  1. Good luck – hope it gets better! We have had the opposite problem – fighting lows all week.


  2. Set change in the stall–been there! Regarding the “average” — I have a primary doc who relies on the A1c for the full story, and of course that number can be so messed up by big highs. I can look forward to a scolding at every primary visit. Thankfully my endo doc understands.


  3. I hate site changes in the bathroom! It feels like eating food in the bathroom….I worry about all the smells and germs and stuff getting into things. And I know men’s bathrooms don’t have all the couches, lounge areas, and champagne service like women’s bathrooms do 🙂


    • Ah yes. When you see something in the mens room that’s champagne colored and bubbly, it most definitely is not champagne! But if there’s a baby-diaper-changing-station in the stall, I’ll most definitely use that to my advantage. Germs be damned, it beats a vial of insulin falling to the floor and shattering in a million pieces.


  4. Ugh, that “why am I high high high” game sure isn’t fun. I hope the new bottle of insulin does the trick!


    • Actually, it didn’t. Not entirely. But moving my site (with the new vial) seems to be working. Since I tend to use my back these days, and bathroom stalls tend not to have mirrors in them (for good reason), I guess I didn’t do it right. So it was a combination of things.

      But the ability to move – not replace – a Sure-T infusion site sure is nice!


  5. Hope things are working out now. I’ve been doing many more site changes in my office ladies room lately. It is a less than pleasant experience. Yuck. I can’t over think it or I freak out a little bit. I also am testing out some Inset 30s this week. I am not nearly as quick with those as I was with the regular Insets. Practice makes perfect right?


  6. Grr, I hate having to guess as to why I’m high…based on your comment above it sounds like things improved (I need to get better about reading blogs in a more timely fashion)


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