July comment contest

When bloggers run out of new material, they sometimes resort to gimmicks. That’s what I’m doing now — and rather than start a unique, introspective, or exciting discussion, I’m taking a chance in going back and recognizing my three favorite comments left last month on the blog. I may do this every month, or I may just give up after one. We’ll see.

You might call this it’s a way of encouraging more people to participate in discussions. Perhaps it’s a way of trying to get you to be more witty. It could even be helpful in getting some of you early birds, who read the posts when they go up at 7:30 am ET sharp (as most of them do)  to see the discussions you’ve been missing as the days have gone on.

But I like to think of it as my way of saying “Thanks”. Thanks for reading and for participating.

So, in the immortal words of Casey Kasem: On with the countdown...

* * *


From the July 23rd post Cutting it Short, I present the third-place award to Scott K. Johnson:

Loved this – and the comments! Man, I was cracking up at some of them!

Thanks, Scott, for reading the comments as well as the post! Discussion is what it’s all about, and I’m glad you had the patience desire to read through all of it!

* * *


If, for whatever reason, the winner cannot fulfill his or her duties as Comment Contest Winner, runner-up Christina will step-in and take over, thanks to this from #dblogcheck day on Worlds Collide:

Hey Scott – great post – lots to think about there – deeper messages that you left up to us to figure out.
I read all of it but kept returning to the fact that HWY80 can bring you and other DOC friends that live in NJ to SF without any turns. HELLO. I think all yall NJ peeps need a road trip.
#dblogcheck although Id like to comment more often than I do.
again – great stuff.

You don’t know how tempting that is! Maybe we can meet up in the middle? The internet tells me that North Platte, Nebraska is 1414 miles in from each end of I-80. Estimating 70 miles-per-hour, 25 miles (and $3.75) per gallon, I think if we pile 6 PWDs in the car we should be able to share responsibilities and conquer the price, sleepiness, and hypoglycemia challenges and make it doable. Who’s in?

* * *


And last but certainly not least, the month’s Most Valuable Comment, as selected by the writers of this blog (me) is awarded to… (drum roll) … Katy, for telling me of a feature that I had thought the medical-device geniuses had overlooked. From Just thinking…:

The Artificial Pancreas will no doubt feature a “suspend” button that plays your choice of Barry White or bown-chicka-bown-bown.

You’ll have to go back and read the post if you don’t know what she’s talking about, but that had me laughing all day.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for playing!

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  1. I don’t get a LOT of comments (yourself and Mr. Johnson comment the most—much appreciated) so when I do I want to hug them (the comments, not necessarily the people. Though usually the people.)

    I also don’t pay a lot of attention to my analytics, but last night I was told I had over 40k hits on my blog….in just around a year. That’s cray!


    • Woah I forgot to add the whole point of my comment….

      The point is: I love reading the comments and always give bonus points to well thought-out or funny ones. This is a good idea! (says the girl who is going to have a give away on her blog soon……)


  2. I know this comment won’t qualify for the next(!!!) comment contest, but your idea is inspired!


  3. I won! I won!

    I have shivers. I am not being sarcastic!


  4. Road trip!!! Great idea, Scott. I’m sure some of us will be “borrowing” this gimmick in the future 😉 It’s a great way to provide some comic relief, as well as sending special shout-outs to other d-bloggers!


    • d-READERS, not d-BLOGGERS. I often feel that people who don’t have their own blogs are sometimes too intimidated to comment on others. I’d like to encourage that (the commenting, not the intimidation).

      Go ahead and steal the idea, I don’t mind. Just don’t start awarding tangible prizes, because then I’ll feel the financial pinch to compete.


  5. That was so smart to use the meter countdown for your countdown!


  6. Nice post … I do love reading my comments … And those comments most often come from the two Scott’s … Thanks


  7. Aww, love the list 🙂


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