Daily Archives: August 2, 2013

July comment contest

When bloggers run out of new material, they sometimes resort to gimmicks. That’s what I’m doing now — and rather than start a unique, introspective, or exciting discussion, I’m taking a chance in going back and recognizing my three favorite comments left last month on the blog. I may do this every month, or I may just give up after one. We’ll see.

You might call this it’s a way of encouraging more people to participate in discussions. Perhaps it’s a way of trying to get you to be more witty. It could even be helpful in getting some of you early birds, who read the posts when they go up at 7:30 am ET sharp (as most of them do) ┬áto see the discussions you’ve been missing as the days have gone on.

But I like to think of it as my way of saying “Thanks”. Thanks for reading and for participating.

So, in the immortal words of Casey Kasem: On with the countdown...

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