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aquapacThe old Maxwell House coffee container that is home to many a used insertion-needle is approaching “full” status. What’ll I use next? Can’t fit many sharps in a used K-Cup.

Why does a deep purple hue on the stick mean the ketones are “large” rather than “high”. Is it really about the size and not the quantity?

The AquaPac really does seem to keep the pump dry in the swimming pool. But if I still obsessively check it every three minutes just to be sure, is there a benefit?

Even if the pump is dry, it still has a hard time hearing my CGM transmitter underwater. I wonder if the Vibe/Dexcom combo is the same.

If they won’t give me a cure, could they at least give me longer tubing? Is that too much to ask?

I should stop being politically correct, and start referring to my blood sugar as BS.

My most recent Motor Error occurred about a half an hour after riding the bumper-cars at a local carnival. I wonder if there’s a connection.

Would it be contradictory to ask for a Nutrition Facts label on booze?

When I finally get hooked up with an Artificial Pancreas, I’m still disconnecting for sex. When it senses my body’s not responding to the insulin or glucagon being delivered, it’ll probably keep increasing the dose so I’ll be at lethal levels by the time I’m plugged back in. The sex had better be worth it.

Note: I ordered the AquaPac after seeing some reviews on it from other PWD’s on social media. (The waterproof Sport-Guard once sold by Medtronic was clumsy, awkward, and a waste of money). It was sold at the time as the “Radio Microphone Case” but then rebranded as the manufacturer caught on to it’s popular off-label use. It is not guaranteed to keep the pump dry, it may inhibit proper insulin delivery, and probably is not endorsed by the pump manufacturers. I took a big risk when I used this thing. If you try it, you also do so at your own risk.

This is not a product endorsement; nobody asked me to write about it and I am receiving nothing for doing so.

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  1. 1)Do your pharmacies not have the free sharps bucket program? We just saunter down to the pharmacy with our full one and they give us an empty one!

    2)I always want nutrition labels on booze.

    3)Sex is always worth it.


  2. Maybe use an empty bottle of laundry detergent?

    I always disconnect for sex. I get especially excited (no pun intended. Ok, maybe pun intended) when I have to change both my sensor and pump site at the same time. I feel so free! GAME ON.


    • That’s what I used to do, but the front-load High Efficiency washer/dryer we have now doesn’t work well with liquid laundry detergent. I guess the thick consistency of the stuff prevents it from rinsing out properly, and then it gets all stinky inside. So we use the cardboard-boxed powdered stuff which doesn’t contain sharps so well. (Then again, I’m no expert … I’m not the dad who wrote a book about Laundry being Eternal).


  3. My family can hear the high pitched beep of the 523/cgm when it detects a high, way before I hear it. Could it be the sound frequency….anyone ever heard of this problem? Of course I hear it loud and clear when it’s tucked inside the pillowcase for the above activities…and it can’t find the sensor.


  4. Oh cool, I need to check out the Aquapac! I definitely refer to my blood sugar as B.S. I remember in college I had a note posted on my desk to check BS and my roommate was very confused. And alcohol should DEFINITELY have nutrition info on them! 😉


  5. The Artificial Pancreas will no doubt feature a “suspend” button that plays your choice of Barry White or bown-chicka-bown-bown.


  6. Oh, we definitely call it BS in our house. And we have D bags for their supplies, too.


  7. This cracked me UP. I say BS sometimes, too. And when I went on the pump for the first time in ’98, we had a hard plastic case (from MDT) that I used while swimming.. Can’t get that anymore apparently. I haven’t ventured out to use the AquaPak – I just disconnect (pain in the rear).


  8. this is brilliant. all of it!
    and yes… sex is ALWAYS worth it!

    I use a sharps container from the pharmacy. Or else where do you dispose of your coffee canister?
    Also, am I the only one who refuses to jump on the Keurig/Tassimo/Nastiness bandwagon?!


    • In the trash, wrapped in duct tape. That’s how they say to do it here (talking about the sharps container, not the sex.) I guess the bright red container might be too tempting for drug-addicts to rummage through. We like to keep a low profile.

      But about the sex — remember I said a LETHAL dosage of insulin or glucagon. That sets the bar pretty high.

      I’m the only one in my house who drinks coffee, and I’d rather have one pretty-good cup of Keurig than ten cups of nastiness from the Black-and-Decker drip coffeemaker I bought in college.


  9. It is nice to read something totally funny (but truly not so funny) about diabetes! Thanks for the smiles!


  10. Thanks for the smiles and giggles this morning – in your post and the great comments.
    My sharps container is an empty Hubs Chocolate Covered Peanuts can. 🙂


  11. I’m behind on blog reading so excuse my tardy comments… I would be happy to share a cat liter container with you for sharps purposes!
    My husband and I frequently refer to blood sugar as BS. It works.
    And no! Not contradictory to ask for nutrition labels on booze. The way I see it’s part of trying to “drink responsibly.”
    Thanks for some Friday afternoon giggles!


  12. I’m not sure if I am one of the PWD that you saw using the AquaPac. I loved it when I was on MM. But I still did check it pretty often, especially when I was snorkeling in Haiti. You really don’t want a pump failure then!


    • No, it wasn’t you. There were a few discussions on TuDiabetes that encouraged me too try it. And I always carry a spare pump (my old MM515) with me just in case.


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