Daily Archives: June 28, 2013

Down for the count

I’ve reached a conclusion: I’d rather live a day with diabetes than be “real-people-sick“. Being real-people-sick sucks.

The youngest one was sick first. Remember my “It’s not fair” post from Tuesday, where I mentioned how he kept throwing up? Well, he was just first in line.

On Wednesday, it was my turn. Our family shares everything — good and bad.

I was fortunate to be working from home that day, but felt really tired in the morning (rationalized by my tending to the kid who wouldn’t sleep through the night). Also, I kept feeling like I was a bit dazed and not thinking straight, but my meter kept telling me I was in the low 100s, and not anywhere as low as I thought. But I kept checking. You know, because when you have diabetes, it is the root cause of everything.

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