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Fathers Day on ice

This photo is from last year; I didn't get one today.

This photo is from last year. I unfortunately ┬ádidn’t get one this time.

For Fathers Day, one of the local ice rinks held a “father-son” hockey clinic. Since hockey – to a six-year-old – is always more fun when he’s with his dad (and since dad hasn’t played since last summer), the two of us left the house early Sunday morning for some ritual bonding and much-needed exercise (on my part).

After breakfast, my blood sugar was trending in the 140 mg/dl range. With dawn-phenomenon what it is (i.e. unpredictable), I didn’t know what to expect. But (at 8:14 am) about an hour before we were supposed to get on the ice, I set a Temporary Basal of 55% for the next hour and a half. It was an hour session, and if my basal returned to normal halfway through, it wouldn’t affect by BG until we were done anyway.

A few minutes after that, my CGM signal was lost. And it stayed lost for quite some time.

Granted, my sensor had already been reincarnated twice and was on its third life. It had also been reading some arbitrary and isolated LOWs overnight. But it wasn’t worth changing it beforehand, knowing it could get knocked or pulled out at any moment while on the ice. So I had decided to give it a try, and que sera, sera.

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