#DBlogWeek ’13 – Day 7 – Fin (the end)


So today I have a choice: I can either tell you three blog posts I’ve read and loved this week, or I can tell you three new blogs I’ve found, or I can pick another wildcard and tell you my fantasy device.

Since it’s the last day of Diabetes Blog Week and I don’t really want to leave any stone unturned, I’ll do all of them (sort of).

First up: three blog posts that I’ve loved, from blogs I hadn’t known of before this week. In no particular order….

  1. Share and don’t share. After finding out that anything she says can and will be used against her, this type double-awesome (husband has LADA, daughter recently diagnosed with T1) found it easier to just say as little as possible. This heartwrenching tale is told in the post I ain’t tellin’ you nuthin’ at Girl Glycosylated.
  2. Memories. Passing out from hypoglycemia while lunch was burning in the oven? Yes, this happened while Rhonda was home alone. Somehow (and we don’t know exactly how) she pulled through, thankfully. When a meal-bolus is on-board, don’t follow the rules of Fifteen Wait Fifteen.
  3. We, the undersigned. It’s not an unreasonable or far-fetched request. All we’re asking for is a little less packaging, a little less waste, a little less cost. A full vial of test strips shouldn’t be so empty. Makes sense, right? I’d sign Denise’s petition at T1Together.

And as for my dream device? If we’re revisiting a topic from last year, I’m re-hashing my post on this topic from last year. I still want to see an integrated insulin pump and CGM. Not just in the same box, but truly integrated. Where a “high” sensor glucose wouldn’t raise such a racket if sufficient insulin was on-board. Where I could be alerted if I’m coasting slightly above-target, but not in the danger zone, if there’s no sign of coming down. Where a low can be predicted not only from my sensor glucose trend, but from my IOB as well. I’m still waiting for my Fantasy Diabetes Device from DBlogWeek ’12.

I know today is Sunday, and pretty much nobody reads blogs on Sunday. Thank you for reading this one.

And this concludes Diabetes Blog Week ’13. As always, I’d like to thank Karen at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes for coordinating this year’s event. For a different perspective on this year’s topics, you can find all of the great posts written by talented diabetes bloggers here.

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  1. I love the name “fifteen wait fifteen.”


    • Me too, but I had nothing to do with it. I credit the blog owner for her creative naming abilities. (Click the link to find out what she named her dog!)


  2. Lol
    You’re right about the Sunday thing.. I had a few spare minutes between feeding babies so I wanted to catch up. Great post!


  3. Thanks for the mention Scott! See ya around the DOC!! 🙂



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