Premature congratulation

On Friday evening, my father-in-law stopped over for a surprise visit – with the question “What’s for dinner?”

Actually, the part about the visit being a surprise was a lie, but the question was true. Not being in the mood to hear criticisms of a homemade meal, we elected to head out to a local Bar-and-Grill type place to eat.

I ordered a corned-beef reuben sandwich with a side of fries. And since the Happy Hour special, a 16 ounce (light) beer for $1.50, was too good to pass up, I got one of those too.

French fries will be the death of me. I don’t think I ever ate a fry that I didn’t later regret — at least not since I started keeping a close eye on my blood sugars. (But the sandwich, prepared on rye bread, should be better than a different type of sandwich on a bun, right?).

But this time, I thought I finally got it right:

From Carelink. Carefully manipulated since I can't get the easier-to-read Carelink Pro.

From Medtronic Carelink Personal. Image carefully manipulated in MS Paint since I don’t have access to the superior presentation of Carelink Pro.

My blood sugar came up, peaked a bit, then started to come back down. Just like it should — but rarely does — after a meal like this.

Finally!! I got it right!! I was really, really proud of myself that night. I was in disbelief, but quietly congratulating myself for getting the bolus right.

I went to bed with a big smile on my face, just delighted over how well my D-management was.

But six hours later, I learned that – while I was sleeping like a baby – the shit had hit the fan…



Apparently I noticed a small climb in BG and had given a slight correction for them (I also, apparently, slept through a few alarms), but I wasn’t prepared to wake up at 3:32 am with a blood sugar of 297 mg/dl.

Next time, I’ll wait a full 24 hours before assessing my diabetes-related decisions…

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  1. that sounds delicious. if only beer perfectly counteracted French fries


  2. Happened to me the same way Saturday night. Exactly. Had dinner out but nothing after. Did great until around midnight, but then you-know-what happened, and I kept climbing until about two hours after a correction bolus at around 4:30 a.m.


  3. Ooooh – the fat content affair. I also find that beer, even when I bolus for it, keeps me going at a steady climb for most of the evening. (Nevermind that I continue to dance/exercise through the evening, which has zero affect.)


  4. I hate that. Think a dual wave or square bolus may have helped?

    I went to bed the other night around 165, woke up and saw that I rose to the 200s and cruised there all night. Argh! Stupid D, being sneaky when we aren’t looking!



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