The rocky reality of hypoglycemia

This vlog (video-log) could have just as easily been titled “A Consequence of Hypoglycemia”, but alas, that name was already taken. So I’ll just go with the “Rocky Reality…” name.
(subtitle: “Gonna Cry Now”)

Running time 3 minutes


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  1. Haha, so true. Why do they make these things so difficult to open!?


    • Because there are apparently some really bad people out there who might try to slip some cyanide in your bottle of glucose-tabs. Everything needs to be tamper-proof these days.


  2. And because of posts like this, I make myself open the jars/containers when I bring them home.
    Great video, Scott!


  3. LOL…this is so funny and so true! The other night I had a low and tried turning the light on by going to the side of the refrigerator door and swiping for a light switch that obviously wasn’t there! Did it about 5 times until I realized it wasn’t the wall.


  4. Yep, I agree with Colleen…. those things come off when I bring the jars home. If I can’t take ’em off when I have a normal bg, there ain’t no way in heck it’s coming of when I’m low!


  5. Smarties work just as well, are cheaper and easier to open!


  6. LOL! Dude! This is a masterpiece! Complete with the sweat and everything! Nicely done!


    • Thanks Scott. I’m just disappointed that the part where I fell off of the chair had to get edited out. That happened at about the 2:20 mark, but (I noticed after the fact) the bottle rolled in front of the camera so you couldn’t see anything. With only one bottle of glucose tabs to work with, there was no opportunity for a re-take.


  7. Oh wow, so funny you called that out. Happens all too often. They need to install an emergency diabetes rip cord on them or something.


    • I could go on about how I used to pull those little red strings out of Band-Aid packages when I was younger, leaving the desired product securely inaccessible. But a properly-designed rip-cord wouldn’t be a bad idea… (I think J&J has since redesigned the Band-Aid packaging to a more user-friendly “pull-tabs-apart approach)


  8. You did work hard on this! I could almost feel your frustration & definitely can relate to this. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Great video. I had to laugh because I know exactly how this goes. These days I chuck the bottle at my husband and in a caveman voice shout…… Haha. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Great video … I use juice boxes to treat my sons lows … And I can make a similar video with a mom trying to take the plastic wrap off the straw while her T1 son seems to playing the role of the possed child from the Exorist


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