Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

Look for the helpers


Image credit: Getty Images, Huffington Post

There is no logical explanation for what happened in Boston on Monday afternoon. Hopefully we will get an explanation (however illogical) which will put our minds a bit at ease, but that’s the most we can ask for right now.

Nonetheless, I was so pleased to hear that marathon officials and emergency personnel had established a plan ahead-of-time to deal with such a situation, and that the plan was put into action without a hitch. From what I gathered from various reports, they knew exactly how to care for the injured — both on the scene and at the hospital (and which hospital to bring them to), as well as how to secure the area, identify and diffuse other potential threats, and deal with the ¬†crowds and the media.

We can say that this should never have happened, and we’d be right. Sadly, I believe that it probably could not have been avoided, at least on the local level. But immediately after the first explosion, the way everything was handled was nothing short of exemplary.

I’m sure it’s hard to understand, especially for someone who has endured a loss, but from my perspective from three states away, I say this to the people in the City of Boston:

You make me proud.

* * *

I had a different post planned for today – one where I directed quite a bit of anger towards the United States Food and Drug Administration. As I was wrapping up the post, the first reports started to come out from Boylston Street. Since it felt wrong to be critical of a U.S. Government agency at this time, I’ve decided to hold off on publishing that one for now. I will share it at a later date, yet to be determined.