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On the menu

Menu from Delmonico's restaurant in lower Manhattan from the year 1899. Image credit: Wikipedia.

Menu from Delmonico’s restaurant in lower Manhattan from the year 1899.
Image credit: Wikipedia/public domain

As I alluded to last week, I’ve kind of hit a dry-spell when it comes to finding blogging inspirations in my own head. But I have found inspiration though other blogs, and today’s inspiration comes from Moira’s “Hope In My Hands/Let It Be Me” post on Despite Diabetes. This post is about a closed-loop system trial, sometimes known as an Artificial (or Bionic) Pancreas. (You can read the long version on Glu, here in parts one, two, three, four, and five).

The description of a life (somewhat) without diabetes (management) was certainly alluring, and of course that image in part 1 kicked in my skepticism, concluding that my body can’t afford to increase the rate of scar-tissue buildup five-fold with all those infusion and CGM sites. After a month, I’d be done.

But what really struck home, referring back to Moira’s post, was a more tangential aspect of diabetes management. It was the anecdote of how Anna, while hooked up to the closed-loop system, was able to look at a restaurant menu and order a dish based on how it tastes, or simply what kind of mood she was in.

Imagine that!

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