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Logistics of a cure

The Cure 2006 Publicity Photo

The Cure
2006 Publicity Photo

One day, there will be a cure.

I’m about 75% sure of that. (I’m about 40% sure that I got that percentage right).

But it’s not here right now, and I’m 100% sure of that. So please don’t misunderstand and please don’t be misled. There is no way to cure yourself of diabetes. ¬†At least not that anyone knows of.

When someone does finally discover the holy grail — and I mean a finished product, not just an abstract idea — how will it take form, and how will it get deployed to the masses? That’s a challenge in and of itself. In all likeliness, this will need to be figured out even before the press-release goes out, otherwise the poor miracle-worker’s office could resemble a Walmart early in the morning following Thanksgiving.

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