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Photo Friday: If only…


If only… all diabetes mistakes were this easy to fix.

Random Thursday thoughts

Rather than one big thing, just a handful of little things:

  • I’m beginning to think the name Katie/Katy may soon overtake Sara/Sarah as the unofficial Most-Common-Woman’s-Name in the DOC. Thankfully (or not), Scott still holds a commanding lead in the Men’s Name category. Read the rest of this entry

It’s only diabetes

The big news lately surrounds the announcement over the DRI’s “BioHub” and the social-media teaser that preceded it. You can read my thoughts on that series of events in a comment I left on the DiabetesDad blog. But this post is not directed at the DRI; it’s to the folks who feel they absolutely cannot wait for the true announcement that still seems just out of reach. Give it a read, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

As I surf the various online diabetes-related forums, whether it’s on JDCA’s Facebook page, JDRF’s LinkedIn group, or DiabetesDad’s blog, nothing distresses me more than the comments by forlorn parents and grandparents of children with diabetes. Usually, those comments read like a variation of the following: My beautiful Cameron* was devastated with the diagnosis of Type 1 two long months ago, and we desperately need a cure!! It kills me to watch my child suffer an eternity of painful injections, dietary restrictions, and being socially ostracized.  I mourn the loss of Cameron’s childhood every day!!

These kind of comments make me sick. Not because it’s unfortunate for anybody to be diagnosed with diabetes, but because the parents seem to believe there’s no hope for them to live a happy life. These comments are filled with sorrow and despair, and they suggest that the child is doomed to live a miserable life.  This message is for those parents:


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My last chance

I feel pretty good about myself. I generally don’t deal with chronic aches and pains, I can climb stairs without relying on the handrail, and I can maneuver a small(ish) SUV with ease. I can put a thread through the eye of a needle, and can stick a needle in my arm without difficulty.

Except for the whole insulin-deficiency thing, my body hasn’t really let me down too much.

Well, yeah, there’s the hair-deficiency.
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Calibrating my SWAG


If you looked at my file in my endo’s office, you’d see that I do a pretty good job at taking the right amount of insulin to cover my meals. Not “very good” or “excellent”, but pretty good. On a scale of 1 to 10, maybe I’d be a 6 or 7.

So, what would you say if I asked you which of the following statements were true?

A: Scott is good at counting carbs
B: Scott is lousy at counting carbs

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