My last chance

I feel pretty good about myself. I generally don’t deal with chronic aches and pains, I can climb stairs without relying on the handrail, and I can maneuver a small(ish) SUV with ease. I can put a thread through the eye of a needle, and can stick a needle in my arm without difficulty.

Except for the whole insulin-deficiency thing, my body hasn’t really let me down too much.

Well, yeah, there’s the hair-deficiency.

And the long-range-sight-deficiency.

Fox promotional image

Fox promotional image

I’m also somewhat deficient in muscle, but I can’t fault genetic-disposition of that. It’s my own fault and my own lack of motivation that led me down that path. (And, speaking of a path, I can’t go thirty-yards along a jogging path without running out of breath).

But I have a feeling that feeling-good thing is all about to change. I’ve peaked, and it’s downhill from here.

Since I was a child, I always thought I would live to my seventies. I never figured diabetes would allow me to reach my eighties. There’s no scientific basis in this belief, but when I was a pre-teen, I didn’t need science to justify my beliefs. And today, after blindly following a belief for so many years, it’s hard to change that perception. Especially since the perception still may hold true.

So here I am, today, on my thirty-ninth birthday. Halfway to seventy-eight. Am I over-the-hill yet? It’s hard to say.

But this time next year, I’ll be forty. At that point, I’ll most definitely have past the halfway point. Once I reach forty, it’s all downhill. And as we all know, you go much faster rolling down a hill than pedaling up it. There’s also more of a chance that you could crash.

I’m not looking forward to forty.

I figure the next 365 days are my last chance to appreciate what is yet to come. My last chance to climb before I start to slide.

It’s inevitable. Things stop working in the second half of life. More things than in the first half. Eventually, they all stop working.

So I need to enjoy this: my final year of my thirties. I need to try to reach new heights. Reach for my personal and professional aspirations. Maybe do something about that muscle-deficiency.

Otherwise, on March 5, 2014, I just might be celebrating my second 39th birthday.

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  1. Quite right you are!
    But it’s also never too late to change the things that you can. I think Over-the-hill isn’t a number engraved in stone but a state of mind.
    You’ll never be on the downside of the slope if you don’t want to be.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, age is arguable.


  2. Happy 39th Birthday!


  3. Here’s to 39th’s forever! w00t!

    I’m getting up there, too. But I haven’t given up on turning the clock back – or at least slowing it down a little.


  4. Happy Birthday Scott…. you share it with my spouse.

    I think of this time in my life as the point where I stopped worrying about how old I’ve gotten, and started celebrating the fact that I’ve made it this far. Hope you do too.


  5. The happiest of birthdays to you and may you see many many more before you reach the top of your hill.


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