1000th Comment Contest Winner

This one almost passed me by, but this blog  just surpassed another milestone!

Congratulations to Scully for posting the one-thousandth comment on this blog! On my Respect the power of insulin post, she wrote:

You’re right though… the power of insulin is gigantic.
One measly drop…

CongratulationsNo, there is no $1,000 prize. I can’t afford it, and filing taxes internationally is a real bitch (I own a couple of shares of  Tim Hortons stock, and with the taxes on the dividends, it’s hardly worth it). But I can offer a prize that is truly priceless: I will finally add Canadian D-Gal to my blog-roll, which was last updated about nine months ago and was woefully out of date.

Other than the one addition, it still is out-of-date, so I don’t think it’s really worthy of your attention. But you should check out Scully’s blog — because that is definitely worth it!


Posted on February 28, 2013, in ROTD Administrative. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. There was a contest and I didn’t even KNOW IT?! sweet!
    and you can keep your Tim Horton’s shares, that stuff is swill. (I can see all the Canadians beating down my door momentarily wondering how I could say such a thing)

    thanks for adding me to your blog roll. 😛


  2. WooHoo! Way to go, Scullmiester!



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