Diabetes is boring

Well, it is boring. (I suppose that, in D-speak, when nothing exciting is happening, that’s a good thing. Right?)

I’ve been doing this routine for awhile lately — rotating through the same infusion sites and the same CGM sites. Trying hard to keep my sugars from crossing crossing the foul lines (thus achieving a no-hitter. Two baseball analogies that make no sense in the context of one another).

This definitely isn’t Diabetes-On-Autopilot. I’m not coasting through while giving diabetes little thought. In fact, it seems I’m giving it a lot more attention lately. I’ve been playing a lot with temporary basals and SuperBoluses lately, and while I’ve done better at keeping my blood sugars in fair territory, the inevitable foul-balls I have hit have been really foul — like top-row-upper-deck foul, or deep-in-the-dugout foul.

But I can handle it. I know what to do. It’s just a lot of work and it’s exhausting.

Not that I’m complaining. I know that I have Type 1 Diabetes and this all comes with the territory.

The routine itself is just getting boring. Even my last A1C, though an improvement, was a boring one. Zero-point-one percent: the smallest possible change one could get. Statistically it’s insignificant. Even my endo reported it as “about the same as last time” ( though I’ve noticed he tends not to emphasize A1C numbers).

The most excitement I’ve had recently is popping the top on a new bottle of Novolog. Wheeee!

What I’m doing works for me, for the most part. I’m just getting tired of the rituals.  The same-old same-old:

  • Sigh. Counting. Priming.
  • Sigh. Jabbing. Cringing.
  • Sigh. Calibrating. Correcting.
  • Sigh. Waiting.

My pump reservoir holds 180 units. I generally fill it to 120 because that forces me to change my infusion site every 3 days. I’ve been thinking of filling it more so I can put off these ritual site-changes for another day or two. Not a good idea, I know – experience has taught me that (oh, and the Sure-T is only “approved” for two days, if you didn’t know).

I need to mix things up a bit. Change for the sake of change, ya know? Maybe slap on a colorful Mio infusion set. Maybe take a Dexcom out for a test-drive, or see what a tubeless OmniPod feels like. Just for the hell of it. Just to pass the time.

I just feel like I could use some excitement in my life. You know?


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  1. Yep. Sometimes a change is exactly what I need to boost my spirits. Problem is that sometimes those changes are scary and come with costs. For example, I would highly recommend NOT putting an insulin infusion set in your neck. Change? Yes. Costly? Also yes. Worth it? A definite NO! 🙂


    • But just think of how quickly Novolog would work if I infused it right in my carotid artery! I could bring down a 400+ mg/dl blood sugar in seconds! Thanks for the laugh.



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