Daily Archives: February 19, 2013

Diabetes is boring

Well, it is boring. (I suppose that, in D-speak, when nothing exciting is happening, that’s a good thing. Right?)

I’ve been doing this routine for awhile lately — rotating through the same infusion sites and the same CGM sites. Trying hard to keep my sugars from crossing crossing the foul lines (thus achieving a no-hitter. Two baseball analogies that make no sense in the context of one another).

This definitely isn’t Diabetes-On-Autopilot. I’m not coasting through while giving diabetes little thought. In fact, it seems I’m giving it a lot more attention lately. I’ve been playing a lot with temporary basals and SuperBoluses lately, and while I’ve done better at keeping my blood sugars in fair territory, the inevitable foul-balls I have hit have beenĀ really foul — like top-row-upper-deck foul, or deep-in-the-dugout foul.

But I can handle it. I know what to do. It’s just a lot of work and it’s exhausting.

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