366 days (a blogiversary!)

Image credit: istockphoto

Image credit: istockphoto

While the rest of the world focuses it’s eyes on this morning’s behavior of Punxatawny Phil (or your own community’s resident groundhog), there’s another celebration going on today.

Today is Rolling in the D‘s first birthday! Or blogiversary. Or whatever you call it.

When I launched this blog on February 2, 2012, I didn’t know what to expect (it was, admittedly, pretty awful at the start). I didn’t know why I was getting into this crazy thing called blogging, or if I would be able to differentiate myself from the many other diabetes-blogs out there. I had no idea if it would last, if I’d be motivated to keep it going, if anyone would care, or if D-blogging was just a silly fad that would go the way of the Macarena. So when I realized I was about to reach the one-year mark, I was in disbelief. I still am. (A longer-than-normal year: leap year, no less!)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, reading mine, retweeting the “new #dblog” Tweets, and providing the encouragement for me to keep working at my blog about diabetes.  And to keep working at my diabetes as well.

With that said: Year two starts …. NOW!

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  1. Wowee Zowee! Happy one year to you, Scott!
    Thanks for being a friend!


  2. Congrats, Scott! You’re one of the first blogs I found. Glad you’re writing!


  3. For the record, I believe the groundhog was bought off this year… just saying.

    Happy 1-year diaversary, Scott!!!


    • Well, my 1-year diaversary was actually in 1982, but I know what you mean. Thanks!

      And I’m not quite sure the groundhog was given a fair chance. The whole thing about being scared, seeing his shadow, and running back into the hole can’t possibly happen the way I saw it played out.


  4. Don’t know if I can improve on Wowee Zowee… But congratulations! I’m glad you’re around, and I’m hoping this is just one of many blog adversaries.


  5. Damn autocorrect… Blogaversaries!


  6. Happy blogaversary! I’m really glad to have your voice in the mix, Scott. You add a lot of value and a wonderful perspective on things. 🙂



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