Wordless Wednesday: Carb-free indulgence (?)



The flavors SOUND delicious, and I’m pretty sure those ingredients (as indecipherable as they may be) don’t raise blood sugar…

Posted on January 9, 2013, in Diabetes, Wordless Wednesday. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Huh. Those actually sound delicious! Maybe I’ll find a “Diet Coke” flavored ChapStick? 🙂


  2. Scott J – if you’re going all out, might as well go big and get the REAL Coke 😉


    • I was thinking the same thing — but then I thought “Yuck! I hate the taste of ‘real’ Coke!” (on the odd-chance I happen to taste it…)


      • I can still remember the days of loving real Coke .. my mom worked there for 25 yrs, starting when I was 3, so I grew up drinking it. Especially an ice cold one in the glass bottle 🙂 But now I can’t stand the taste of any “real” drinks … it’s way too sweet. :/



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