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Wordless Wednesday: Doorknob

After this happened, I couldn’t stop laughing! (you would too, if you saw me trying to take the photo.)

Also, the super-stickiness of the Sure-T did not disappoint. The cannula stayed where it belonged.


It’s mine, and I’m not sharing

When we ask people for their impressions of the Diabetes Online Community, there are certain phrases that come up all the time:  Emotional and moral support.  They understand me.  Learning new techniques. Knowing that’m not alone.

For the most part, I agree with those — but there is something about that last one, the feeling-alone one, that the DOC has a way of reinforcing.  Something that makes my diabetes, or more accurately: my life with diabetes, different than everyone else’s.

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Weekend viewing: Hurricane Sandy, a documentary

Sea Bright, New Jersey is a narrow barrier island that fronts the Atlantic Ocean.  Like much of the northern Monmouth County coastline, it is more of a working-class residential community and not a tourist destination like some other shore towns.  But I’ve had occasion to go there at times.  There is a single bridge that leads in and out of town.  I love re-telling the story of an old friend of mine who used to live there. When she was pregnant with her first child, her (then-)husband took a sonogram photo to a neighborhood bar. Bruce Springsteen happened to be there and autographed it for them.

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I found this email in my spam folder.  It looks like it was sent from some sort of diabetes punk rock band.

An email from "Raspberry Ketone"

Unfortunately for these punks in ketosis, the name “Deep Purple” was already taken

Not being entirely familiar with the genre, and trying to find a good title for this blog post, I searched the ‘net for the names of some popular punk rock bands. You HAVE TO check out the logo for the band ranked #79 in this “Top-100 Punk Bands” web site.

Look familiar?

I’m not getting free stuff

Every now and then, I go to the “statistics” page of my blog to see how many people are reading, what they’re reading, and where they’re coming from.  There is always a personal feeling of pride to see my post-view counts increase. It’s reassurance that people can relate to me, or at a minimum, that they enjoy my storytelling, and it’s a form of encouragement for me to keep the discussion going.

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