Thanksgiving: The aftermath

In the 15 minutes after this picture was taken, my trend reversed-course and went up to 143.

I came mighty close, but I never crested the 200 mg/dL level.  My meter’s high-water-mark was 196. I call that a success.

This is a result of lots and lots of boluses. (If you’re unfamiliar with the Medtronic CGM display, each of those little tick marks at the bottom represents a bolus).  Boluses of all types: regular, square (extended), and dual (combo). In fact, I started out the night with a square-wave bolus over an hour of 15 carbs just to cover the appetizer grazing, with a few additional supplementary regular boluses during that hour.

I hope your Thanksgiving was D-friendly as well, but if it wasn’t, I hope your company was friendly. On this day, that’s what matters: that you’re with the ones you love, and that you love the ones you’re with.

But if you think you had a bad D-Thanksgiving, well, have I got a story for you. It all happened on Thanksgiving night, 2007, and it wasn’t pretty…




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  1. I never broke 200 either. I’m pretty proud of myself! 😉


  2. The highest I peaked was 210, which is unheard of for me. But all those boluses hit me around midnight and I plummeted to 46. Ouch. Guess that’s better than the alternative.


    • I understand completely. For a long time, I’ve said it’s easier to treat a low than a high, and consequently my estimates result in an over-bolus rather than an under-bolus. Not that it’s a particularly safe technique….


  3. Way to go Scott… unfortunately, I had to do a site change in the middle of the day, and it took a few hours to really do its thing. So I had a lot of water, 1/2 glass of wine, and no pie. Still wound up at 236 at around 9:00. Oh well… there’s always next year.


  4. Very nice! I’m jealous! I too had to do a set change the morning of Thanksgiving, and it messed me over pretty good.


    • In all honesty, I did a set change mid-day as well. Shortly after noon, I realized I only had 9 units left in my pump. I knew that wouldn’t cut it! Had to do a quick set-change before heading out to join the family.



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