Thanks, Jersey style

Shallow and superficial — because that’s the New Jersey way.

So here are some people I’d like to thank:

  • The folks at Medtronic, who got my new NextLink meter to me ahead of the anticipated January date.
  • The Exxon station on Route 202, who knows how to manage long lines, check odd/even plates, and fill gas tanks speedily and efficiently when demand is high and availability is low.
  • Governor Chris Christie, for crossing party lines and working as brothers-in-arms with President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Governor, you make me proud.

Image credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Associated Press

I’d also like to not want to thank the following:

  • The folks at Medtronic, who only offer tubing lengths of short, shorter, and shortest with the Sure-T infusion sets. Even a vertically-challenged guy like myself could benefit from a 43-inch length.
  • The NHL and NHLPA, for inflicting real financial pain on local bartenders and restauranteers, arena staff, retailers, journalists, and others who are trying to make a living, all so you can stand firm in the name of your stupid pride.
  • Captcha, for making it a real chore to decipher your cryptic phrases.

Seriously, I got this phrase once.
But my keyboard doesn’t do Hebrew.

But seriously — I started this blog in February, not knowing if anyone would read it or if I’d be motivated to keep it going. Well, you are reading, and you are motivating me to continue on. So thank you for that.

And, of course, thank you for the encouragement and support that the entire DOC offers. I won’t get sappy and repeat what you’re bound to read on hundreds of blogs today, but I really do appreciate everything you say to me, via the comments on this blog, emails, “Contact Me” forms, and on Twitter.

Meri says it best on the bottom of each post on Our Diabetic Life: “Comments = Love”. Though I don’t always respond to every comment you leave here, I do read and think about every one. In particular, I’m grateful for everyone who commented on Monday’s post. I’ve probably read each comment five times, and I hear you loud and clear.

* * *

Inspiration for this post comes from Governor Christie’s appearance last week on Saturday Night Live. Check it out!

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  1. Thank you too, Scott, for sharing your blog … your insight, humour, wisdom and your conundrums. I have often turned to the DOC and just as you say others have been there for you, you in turn pay it forward by being there for the likes of me. Indeed that’s what makes the DOC so amazing. Thank you for being out there for us too! Finally, last but not least, thank you for not having a captcha.


  2. Scott, Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks for sharing your story.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Scott!


  4. Dude, I am SO with you on those Captcha codes! Ugh!



  5. Love reading your blog! Thanks for making me laugh!



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