Wordless Wednesday: It’s not you (CGM), it’s me(ter)

In Chapter 5 of Beyond Fingersticks, author Wil Dubois rants about how awfully inaccurate our BG meters are; the very meters we use to calibrate our CGM’s.

“And you’re pissed off because your CGM doesn’t give you the same reading as this piece of crap does?” he asks.

Well, I must say, since switching to the Bayer Contour NextLink meter, which is reported to be more accurate, my fingersticks and CGM’s have been noticeably MUCH closer to one another.

Draw your own conclusions.

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  1. How do you like the Contour otherwise? My CDE suggested it this morning because I wanted to get away from OneTouches. (Which, lately, has been showing 30 point discrepancies.)

    Are the test strips easy to find? How long does it take? Etc…


    • Well, I’m using the Contour NextLink, which is different from the Contour or ContourLink. If you have a Medtronic Revel with a OneTouch UltraLink meter, they should be sending you one automatically at no cost. Call and ask.

      I did write a post about the meter not too long ago (click where I wrote “Contour NextLink” in the post above) where I called the meter disappointing. While I admit the meter falls short in some ways, its still my meter of choice; only I don’t use the lancer device that comes with it. It’s smaller, seemingly more accurate, and the strips are easier to handle. Strips are also reportedly cheaper (though not through Edgepark). In my area, I’ve seen the “Next” strips in many stores, just not stocked in the same quantities as OneTouch Ultra strips.

      As for the time it takes, they claim 5 seconds, but it’s really more like 8. You can see the description and a brief video in the other post I referenced.

      Overall, it’s now my meter of choice. Unless your insurance plan has different ideas, I’d suggest using it.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Scott!


  3. I have had consecutive ‘below 20 seek medical advice’ on this new meter and don’t like that these readings weren’t sent to my pump and not sure how accurate the readings were – it was very cold out so could that have effected the meter? (. I had it close to my body and it did work so I think not?)


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