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NextLink in a word: Disappointing

I started writing this blog post before Superstorm Sandy swept through the area. As I complete and schedule it to be published, it is Sunday November 4th. We’re still without power at home, but it’s just an inconvenience for me. I’m fortunate to have not lost anything significant or irreplaceable, and I’m also so thankful for the love and hospitality of extended family who have taken us in for the week. I plan to write more about Sandy later in the week, but it’s been a week without d-Blogging so I feel it’s time to get this post up. But in closing, I want to sincerely thank those of you who have checked in to see how I’m doing. I’m just fine. Your concern is very touching, and for that I am grateful.

The Bayer Contour NextLink system

A couple days after starting off with the Bayer Contour NextLink meter, I planned on writing a blog post about it titled “First Impressions”. Things got in the way, and I never quite got around to it. Anyway, for most folks, this meter will be replacing the OneTouch UltraLink, so I’ll write this from that perspective; as a comparison.

Before it arrived, and even shortly after, I was really excited about it. Smaller, less blood, a light on the strip port, cheaper strips; all good things, right?

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