I wish…

I wish…


Image credit: Jessica Tam | Flickr, via Creative Commons license.

… that insurance plan benefits were stated clearly before signing up for them

… that beer had carbohydrate counts and other Nutrition Facts on the label

… that manufacturers would license their technologies to others, who could in turn advance them even further

… that I didn’t need to choose between “Contour Next 50ct Blood Glucose Test Strip” or “Contour Next 50ct blood glucose test strip” (note capitalization) to get proper insurance coverage

… that a box of CGM sensors didn’t expire three and a half months after I receive them

… that my property taxes weren’t so damn high

… that the ability to analyze data, troubleshoot problems, and persevere life with D were resume-worthy

… that the phrase “patience is a virtue” didn’t imply that impatience is a sin

… that I could’ve left the courtroom to use the restroom while rage-bolusing against a 300 mg/dL during jury selection

… that I wouldn’t have to worry about asking for “reasonable accommodations” (to which I’m entitled) if selected to be on a jury

… that rewinding life and choosing a different college major was as easy as rewinding a pump and choosing a different infusion site

… that I could make a living doing something that I love

… that the NHL and NHLPA would stop playing games and start Playing Games

… that the Enlite sensor was available already

… that a bear didn’t take my trash from the curb and spread it all over the front lawn

… that my kids’ allergies would go away

… that it didn’t get dark outside so early

… that politicians were still noble, respectable, and honorable

… that I had the courage to take risks every now and then

… that “Captcha” phrases were easier to read

… that the three highways near my house weren’t all under construction at the same time

… that I had a clue how much extra money a PWD needs to save for retirement to care for himself

… that my mouth didn’t feel so dry right now


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  1. I’m with you 100% on most of those, and the others I understand. My husband and I were musing about jury duty for people with diabetes because both times I’ve been summoned I was immediate released, so I don’t even know what that would be like.


  2. I’m on one month of federal jury duty. So far I haven’t been selected for a jury and I’m getting tired of all the rules and regs. 2 more weeks to go.


  3. This is a great wish list. I too wish that working with insurance companies did’t seem like a second job. I do wish that the skills used to manage T1D would translate to a masters of science or even math 🙂 Love your blog!!


  4. The wish about rewinding and choosing a different college major really hits the nail on the head for me, too. It’s such a hard a scary step to quit a full time job to pursue a brand new career.. not to mention the insurance and financial issues we need to address as diabetics. If I only I would have figured out my dream career when it would have been easier to conquer! Such is life, I guess! Good luck to you!!


  5. Yep, yep, and yep! In fact, yep on most things on the list!


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