That’s my boy!

So many things made me feel proud while walking in Sunday’s JDRF walk, but this year, nobody or nothing made me more proud than my son.

At first he really didn’t want to do it (last year, when I did the walk at a local college campus, he rode in a stroller).  But then he changed his mind, and he had a great time.  At age 5 1/2 (or, as he proudly told some of our teammates, “five and seven-twelfths”) he joined me for the three mile walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back.

Before the walk, he diligently read his free copy of Coco and Goofy’s Goofy Day, the diabetes-themed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse story given away at the Lilly Diabetes booth.

From the top of the Brooklyn Bridge, he proudly pointed out the Statue of Liberty.

When I grabbed a Powerade from the refreshment-table on the Brooklyn side, I looked at the label and muttered something about its carb-count.  So my son, recalling The Milano Lesson from just a couple of days ago, advised me that “Now you have to tell your blood sugar that it has, uh, twenty-one sugars.”  Well, he was almost right, but I was so impressed at his recollection of how I use my insulin pump that I didn’t have the heart to correct him.

He proudly held up the number “2”, the last digit of the year 2012, in our team photo.

After the walk was over, he proudly wore a giant blue foam finger on his hand and got the JDRF logo airbrush-tattooed on his arm.

Never once did he complain of being tired or bored.  He’s a great kid.  (In fairness, my other kid is great too, but he still sits in a stroller and doesn’t say or do a whole lot.  He accomplished wetting his diaper as we walked, but that’s about it).

Oh, and several hours later, he recalled something he saw on one of the signs where breakfast was being served.  “Daddy, did you know that a banana has 27 percent carbohydrates?”

He’s almost got it.  But I’m sure that by the time he turns six, he’ll be the perfect Type Awesome.


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  1. What an awesome kid and an awesome memory!


  2. What a great story and day out! 🙂


  3. Bright young man you have there! Love his smile!


  4. That’s so awesome! I’ve been wondering a lot lately how I’m going to explain my diabetes to my little guy when the time comes and stories like this help give me some form of direction… Plus your kid is so stinking cute, I’d probably like any post with him in it 🙂


    • Don’t worry about it Katie. Your little guy will see it and figure it out for himself. By the time he graduates day-care, he’ll have published his first book: “Everything I ever needed to know I learned from Twitter.” But seriously, my kid just looks at diabetes as my “thing”. Everyone’s got a thing. He’s allergic to eggs and dairy. I tend to avoid sugary stuff (most of the time). It’s just the way it is.

      Thanks for the compliment!


  5. That is pure-d awesomeness right there, Scott 🙂 My son loves going to the walk and it warms my heart. He asked me last Saturday after the wall if he can wear our team shirt to school on Monday. Made me beam. And you’ve heard my stories about our diabetes conversations. Amazing how much they pick up on. 🙂



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