Wordless Wednesday: Falling… up?

Last Thursday. 7:47 pm:



Five minutes later…



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  1. ?????? Weird!!! Time for a new sensor, maybe?


  2. Elevator made it to the top floor….GOING DOWN?????


  3. lovehatediabetes

    I just started the Medtronic sensor. I’ve taken a break already and I wasn’t even on it for a week. Mine was very inconsistent and rarely on target (or in the range). It was more of a burden to me than a help. Hoping this new site will yield better results.


    • When I was trained on the CGM, they made me promise to give it a month before giving up, and I’m glad I did. The first few weeks were really tough (still are, at times), but once I got the hang of the insertion (probably the hardest part) and the calibration, it worked a bit better for me. (Above picture not withstanding).

      Here’s a tip… put in the sensor and transmitter at night, then “Start new Sensor” in the morning. You won’t be protected overnight, but the longer the sensor has time to “marinate”, the better it performs. It’s a bit sporadic at first, which is why the first calibration is done after 6 hours, and subsequently every 12.


      • lovehatediabetes

        Thanks Scott! Since this ordeal, I had one in for six days. It worked nearly perfectly. It’s just the first four hours it’s in me it hurts like a, ya know. The following five days it didn’t bother me at all. I can live with the hurting at first if it continues to work as well as it did the rest of the time. and the insertion, holy crap. I don’t dare do it when I’m alone yet. I did once and couldn’t get the contraption off of me after I inserted it. But good news is on the horizon. They should be coming out with a better cgm before winter sets in (or so I’m told).
        Thanks for your advice Scott!



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