Wordless Wednesday: A day in the life

Sunday July 15, 2012. Just another day…

The baby likes my pump!

Yummm….. tubing…..

In Case of Emergency


One of the precious moments that a father lives for.

Right where I left it 😦

Blood-blister Gone!
(Remember kids, don’t try this at home)

Daily Totals: 8 Glucose Tabs, 4 Granola Bars

Yes, life is good.

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  1. To quote a friend of mine…
    “Life is good. I believe that life’s challenges put everything in perspective, and having faced diabetes (and whatever else life throws at us), we can really appreciate the good stuff and not take it for granted when it happens.”
    Love the father/son hockey photo! Great smiles!


  2. My hubby hates it when he has to use a different lancet device than the one’s he’s used to. Most of the retail ones don’t seem to puncture as well as the one we got through his insurance. If you’re ever by a walmart and need a meter they actually have really cheap meters (cheaper than walgreens) that work real well (the meter here in tx is btwn $9-$15 and if you have to buy test strips outside of what they come with it’s something like $20 for 50…



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