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The Big Blue Serter versus lil’ ol’ me

Most people don’t get excited about stabbing themselves with needles.  But if you’ve been following me lately, you know about how inexplicably euphoric I’ve been over my new spot for my CGM sensor:  my arms.  I’m also feeling good about the attention it’s gotten:  (Scott, how on earth did you do THAT?).  So, with the newfound skills I developed in making my You Can Do This video, I recorded a video of the CGM insertion as well.

It won’t win any awards, but my hope is that it is informative and useful to at least one of you.

This video is of me inserting a Medtronic Minimed CGM in my arm, with the ‘serter.  It follows similar videos that are already out there: Kim already shared her video on her arm-insertion of a Dexcom in January.  And recently, Sarah showed us how the Sugabetic puts in a Medtronic single-handedly, without that infamous blue inserter.

Of course, the techniques here aren’t “approved”, so insert-standard-disclaimer-stuff-here, blah blah blah, check with your medical professionals, yadda yadda, don’t try this at home.

Finding the right word


I hate that word.  It conjures up images of the lungs of a chain-smoker, or the liver of an alcoholic.  The kind of images that are shown to grade-school students to teach them to take care of themselves.

Or images of someone who caught some nasty virus or bacteria and now struggles to do the things many of us take for granted.  Someone who, when they board a train, people tend to migrate in the opposite direction, afraid themselves of catching the affliction, which is quite visibly apparent.  Some just can’t bear the sight.

Or maybe it’s just the alliterative similarity to words like “death” or “dying”.  It has a connotation of someone who is sick, or even sickly.  Someone whose existence, at that moment, is hard to justify living.

Search Google Images for the word “disease”.  The results are not pretty.

The word as an “ick” or an “eeeeww” factor to it.

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Put myself on YouTube? I can do this!

I never thought I could make a YouTube video. But someone said to me, “You Can Do This“.

So I did.

Happy Birthday YCDT!

Wordless Wednesday (plus words): Cup runneth over

This is the sharps container I’ve been using since October of last year. It is full. A full sharps container is not one of those “regular” things that happens in the life of a PWD, it’s more one of those unscheduled random occurrences that happen once in a blue moon. Fortunately, it’s usually no cause for concern; seal up, toss it in the trash, and find a suitable replacement.

It’s not really a genuine, certified, bona-fide sharps container in the true sense. In an earlier life, it was a container of Wawa Diet Iced Tea (if you live anywhere near Philly, or attended the ADA conference this year, you know all about Wawa, right?) which I acquired simply because I was thirsty. After the tea was gone, it spent some time in the garage recycle-bin awaiting its next life mission, but I pulled it out after my previous container (of the laundry-detergent variety) filled up and I needed a replacement.
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Setting sights on new sites

Sunday night, on a long ride home from a family event (one of the few times I my wife was driving), a thought came into my mind as I scratched my CGM site and lamented its inaccuracies:

I had recently experimented with new infusion sites (the Sure-T works in places the Silhouette never did), so why not?

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