Wordless Wednesday: Sugar-free sugar, Part II

How does the version with “half the calories” of the pure-sugar version qualify as Sugar-Free? That must be some serious rounding-error.

NEW AT 7-Eleven: Sugar-Free Slurpees! With 50% of the calories of the sugary Slurpee!

Actually, this does have 6 grams of carbs per 8-ounce serving (and if memory serves me correctly, the smallest possible serving is the little Gulp at 20 ounces, two-and-a-half times that serving size).  Here are the nutrition facts, courtesy of slurpee.com.  Maybe you can figure it out.

Image credit: 7-Eleven website slurpee.com

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  1. 20 cals / 4 per gram of carbs = 5g of carbs. There must be a gram of fiber in there. Hard to believe.


  2. We have a 7-11 by my parent’s house and I saw this, I was wondering if it was sugar free. I’m actually glad you posted this. It means if my hubby wants one he’ll probably need to take a couple of units of insulin or we’ll need to shar it. I think they should actually post the carbs on the machine. This can be misleading to diabetics who read “sugar free” and think they should be able to have one without any problems.


    • It was that “50% fewer calories” that really tipped me off, otherwise I would’ve gotten some myself. In the end, I was a bit suspicious and got a Diet Coke instead.


  3. I saw this the other day, too … and went with a Diet Dr Pepper instead. It’s so misleading to say “Sugar Free” — most people think that means it’s fair game for us D’s… :/ *stepping off the box now* 😉


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