Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (plus words): Cup runneth over

This is the sharps container I’ve been using since October of last year. It is full. A full sharps container is not one of those “regular” things that happens in the life of a PWD, it’s more one of those unscheduled random occurrences that happen once in a blue moon. Fortunately, it’s usually no cause for concern; seal up, toss it in the trash, and find a suitable replacement.

It’s not really a genuine, certified, bona-fide sharps container in the true sense. In an earlier life, it was a container of Wawa Diet Iced Tea (if you live anywhere near Philly, or attended the ADA conference this year, you know all about Wawa, right?) which I acquired simply because I was thirsty. After the tea was gone, it spent some time in the garage recycle-bin awaiting its next life mission, but I pulled it out after my previous container (of the laundry-detergent variety) filled up and I needed a replacement.
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