Daily Archives: June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (plus words): METER BG NOW

“The best times to calibrate are when glucose levels are least likely to be changing rapidly”
-Medtronic Diabetes

My timing stinks. It always does when it comes to calibrations.

CGM Wishlist Item #1: Permit retroactive calibrations, so I can go back to a “steady” time and calibrate from there.

CGM Wishlist Item #2: Continue the trend-line after the previous calibration has expired, so I can see when the ISIG* values are no longer changing rapidly.

CGM Wishlist Item #3: The Revel knows all my fingerstick readings.  Decide for itself which ones are suitable for calibrations, and use them.

* * *

*ISIG = Inter-stitial Indicator of Glucose… or something like that.  It’s what the CGM sensor measures before doing its numerical magic to arrive at an estimated blood glucose value. When the calibration is bad, so is the magic.