Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

Addiction, Part II

­So, my last post was about a diabetes addiction; about the desire to have such a razor-sharp focus on every little thing that I do to my body and that it does to me.  About staying tuned in to every BG movement, for fear of straying too far off course.  But with all the little tweaks and fixes, my DPS (Diabetes Positioning System) that tried to navigate me through life was stuck in a perpetual state of “recalculating.”

While writing that post, I was already thinking about my follow-up, one on a different kind of diabetes addiction — or obsession (as I write this, I keep waffling between the two terms).  This time, I’m talking about an addition to/obsession with constantly talking, listening, reading, and writing about diabetes, whether through the Online Community or through other forums (but mostly online.  In my world, “other forums” is a very, very short list).

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