#dblogweek – Day 3 – One thing to improve

For the next week, I’ll be participating in the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week (for more info, click on the banner above). Each day, D-Bloggers will be (mostly) blogging about a common topic but offering their own perspectives.

Haven’t I done enough?  You mean I have to do even better?   Today’s blog week topic is to find one thing that I can do to improve myself.

Just one.  If I do that, then my A1C will be  an ideal 5.5, and my blood glucose will always be a picture-perfect 104 mg/dl.

If there were just one thing, and then all my problems would be solved, trust me, I’d be doing it.  But there are lots of things I should be doing better.  And most of the time, when I’m not being The Perfect Diabetic, I know it.  I’m not overtly defiant (mostly), but I know when I’m bending the rules a bit, and acknowledge that I’m going to pay the price for it later.

But there’s one thing … one itty-bitty thing … that I do wrong. Over and over.  Constantly.  And I never seem to learn.  That thing is to count for condiments.

You know, the sauce on my steak, the cream in my coffee, the syrup on my waffles, the salad dressing.  That stuff.  I count the carbs in the food, the real substance of the meal, but those little add-ons always get overlooked.  It seems so insignificant.  I use so little that it’s barely measurable, but it still comes back to haunt me.

After years and years of D, I always forget about it.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me a thousand times, you’d think I’d learn.

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  1. Salad dressing – I always, always undercount it.


  2. I have a feeling that is probably something that most of us could probably work on. For me it is probably not that I don’t think about them, I just don’t measure them out properly. Ketchup spikes my BS, but I never get out a measuring spoon for that but I do for mayo and that doesn’t have an effect on my BS. There is no logic in that!


  3. Haha, I don’t count them either!! (Unless it’s maple syrup. I think it’s the only “sauce” I count!)


  4. This was a unique post! I bet lots of us do this! Why just the other day I forgot to count the honey barbeque part to my wings hehe 🙂 Great post!


  5. Ketchup for my kiddos chicken nuggets…it always gets us 🙂 haha!


  6. Ha I do this too, I always forget to account for my salad dressing



  7. HAHAHA dying. this is awesome. Stupid creamer and ketchup and relish!!!!!! and the sugar free options are so gross! good point 🙂 🙂


  8. I love it. I finally started counting the creamer I put in my coffee in the morning. It’s amazing how much better my BS is now that I am covering those 20 carbs every morning! Nice one!


  9. Ahh, I never think about the “extra” anything! You mean they have carbs too??????? Great post!



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