(Almost) Wordless: Door



This door drives me crazy.

Every time it closes, it squeaks.  To anyone else’s ear, the ordinary squeak just means the hinges need some grease.  But my trained ears hear three distinct high-pitched, descending notes, curiously identical to the tones my pump/CGM plays when it detects a low blood sugar.

Every time someone goes in.  Or out.  Every thirty seconds.  Constantly.

I must’ve checked my Revel twenty times that afternoon to see if it was trying to alert me to something serious.  I even scanned the rest of the rink to see if someone else was wearing a pump and ignoring Medtronic’s warning.

Finally, I discovered the culprit.

This door drives me crazy.

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  1. lovehatediabetes

    Even though that door is deemed annoying, it is nice looking! Hockey rink? 🙂


    • Of course it is! (Actually, the photo is about a month old. A couple weeks ago they closed Rink 1 for repairs, and there’s now yellow “caution” tape across the doors. But I’ll be there with my son this afternoon, probably on Rink 3).


    • He just turned five in February. He’s been skating for a few years (taught by mom and dad… mom’s a figure skater) and has taken lessons recently — today is his last. We just signed him up for hockey in June, we’ll see how it goes.


  2. This happens to me at restaurants that have old-school credit card terminals. I hear the beep and ALWAYS check my pump, even though I’m 175% sure it’s not me. Glad you figured out what it is!



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