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Fantasizing with a dollar and a dream

This photo, taken this morning, is already out-of-date.

Let’s suspend reality for a moment.  Many people in America are doing today that anyway.

 As of this writing, the Mega-Millions lottery jackpot is up to $640,000,000.  That’s more than half a billion dollars.  What would you do if you won this enormous jackpot?  I admit, I’ve fantasized about it a bit.

Of course, I would make sure that my family and I were taken care of:  housing, college tuition, all that good stuff.  I would keep my house – I like it here – but I’d probably put in a pool and maybe hire a housekeeper (with excellent carb-counting skills) to do the cooking and cleaning for me.

But what of the rest?  Although I’ve probably got a better chance of waking up tomorrow, magically cured of diabetes, than I do of matching all six numbers, it’s still nice to dream.

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Uh oh.

The soggy box should’ve been a clue.

I suppose this is what my pancreas looks like: emptiness where the insulin is supposed to be.

Except the pancreas probably isn’t made of broken glass.

Fortunately, I had a backup.  (Backup Novolog.  Not a backup pancreas – my pharmacy doesn’t stock those and my insurance wouldn’t cover it anyway.)

Oh, and even though we all do it, the butter compartment of the fridge is not a particularly good place to keep insulin, particularly if it’s also where you keep the butter.

Such are the sagas of living with diabetes.

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