Yay! Free blood!

The best things in life are free
Image credit: Flickr | Angelsk, under Creative Commons License

While I was in the middle of preparing yesterday’s blog post and recovering from a low BG (the result of overtreating a high BG, itself a result of a Sunday breakfast of delicious pancakes), I heard these words from the next room.

“Daddy, I have a bloody nose.”

When you are a parent with diabetes, these things often – OK, always happen at the worst possible time. I wasn’t in the most wonderful shape to take care of my kid, but I did it anyway without giving it a second thought.  After blotting J’s nose with half a box of tissues, I then turned my attention to cleaning the carpet – rather than quietly and patiently waiting the prescribed 15 minutes before testing again. My priorities: PARENT FIRST, PWD SECOND.

After the minor catastrophe was over, it got me thinking. When I was a kid and had a bloody nose, or a scraped knee, or any other minor injury, I saw the glass as half full.


It meant I could test my blood sugar. Painlessly. Without using one of these things:

The Autolet
Image credit: tudiabetes.org

When you’re newly diagnosed, making yourself bleed, intentionally, can be traumatizing, and you tend to avoid it at all costs.  If there’s blood present, you carpe diem and make it worthwhile.

After 10,000 of those tests, it’s no big deal anymore.

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  1. Haha, that got me wondering how many times I’ve tested so far a as diabetic. When I was pregnant, I would test 15 to 20 times a day because I was -that- focused on having the most perfect BG ever.

    Parenting before diabetes; check!


  2. lovehatediabetes

    Interesting! I never thought to test that way! I’m not very accident prone, nor do I get bloody noses a lot, so I never really have this option. I’ll definitely remember that for the future 🙂 THanks!



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