Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

Yay! Free blood!

The best things in life are free
Image credit: Flickr | Angelsk, under Creative Commons License

While I was in the middle of preparing yesterday’s blog post and recovering from a low BG (the result of overtreating a high BG, itself a result of a Sunday breakfast of delicious pancakes), I heard these words from the next room.

“Daddy, I have a bloody nose.”

When you are a parent with diabetes, these things often – OK, always happen at the worst possible time. I wasn’t in the most wonderful shape to take care of my kid, but I did it anyway without giving it a second thought.  After blotting J’s nose with half a box of tissues, I then turned my attention to cleaning the carpet – rather than quietly and patiently waiting the prescribed 15 minutes before testing again. My priorities: PARENT FIRST, PWD SECOND.

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