Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

A tale of two pumps

They're the same, but they're not
Top-left: Old pump; Bottom-right: New pump

If there were five insulin pumps lined up in front of you, all same make and model, same color, same decorative touches, could you pick out the one that’s yours?  I’ll bet you could.  Perhas there’s a particular scratch or scuff-mark on it.   Possibly, something about the beeps is particularly unique.  Or maybe the melted chocolate stuck in the bezel on the back is all the evidence you need.

I just got a new pump on Tuesday.  Unlike others who sometimes switch manufacturers and/or colors, New Pump is exactly like Old Pump.  After developing a visible crack on Monday, I had called Medtronic and they had a replacement in my hands by Tuesday morning (Medtronic service: WIN!).

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