Wordless Wednesday: Does IWD equal PWD? [Updated]

At least they didn't say "diabetics"

I’m generally indifferent when it comes to the terms “diabetic” versus “PWD” (Person With Diabetes), though I’m sensitive to those who feel strongly about them. However, I give credit to the makers of my favorite coffee additive — based on this new addition to their packaging (packeting?), they’re trying!

Update 3/22/2012: The above packet came with my McDonald’s coffee earlier in the week. I compared it to the ones in my kitchen, and realized the photo is an older packet, not a newer one. That one has a copyright date of 2008 (just above the circled text), while the packets I bought at the store are copyrighted 2010 and don’t reference diabetes at all. (Among other labeling changes, the name changed from “Equal” to “Equal Classic”, to differentiate from the new yellow-packet Equal Sucralose and pink-packet Equal Saccharine.)

I still give them credit for trying though, and I’ve never been a big fan of packaged food being labeled as being “suitable for” me.  I’ll determine if it’s good for me based on the ingredients and Nutrition Facts, thank you very much.

But while we’re being sensitive to labeling people by their medical condition, shouldn’t they rephrase the warning to Phenylketonurics to “Individuals with Phenylketonuria”?

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  1. Thanks for the post, Scott. I wouldn’t have known otherwise! Props to Equal for including that – smart health marketing. Anyhow, I’m also indifferent to being dubbed “diabetic” or a PWD. Totally understand that some feel defined by D if they’re called a diabetic, but I’m just not of that mindset.


    • Mike — I have a confession. I just realized that this packet was old and the phrase has since been removed. See the update in this post. Someday I’ll write a separate article on the whole diabetic-vs-PWD debate.


  2. I am another indifferent person. I change what I call myself depending on the situation and my mood at the time, or should I say what direction the wind is blowing. I thought that was neat that was on the Equal packet.



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