Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

I wish I had known

After writing this yesterday as a reply to a discussion on TuDiabetes titled “I wish I had (known) ¬†– I wish I did”, I decided that it merits a blog post here on RITD. ¬†Click the link in this paragraph to read the discussion and other responses, and if you’d like, leave your own contributions in the comments.

I wish I had known that, back in elementary and high school, kids could be cruel no matter what. That different people mature at different times, and kids with diabetes mature sooner only out of necessity.

I wish I had known that pretending to be something or someone I’m not is an enormously wasted effort. That years later, nobody will care. That those who spend their entire lives making others feel bad, inferior, or threatened never had the time to work on bettering themselves, and they’re the ones who end up with a depressing adult life.

I wish I had known that the harder you fight diabetes, the more you defy it, the harder it fights back. That it takes much less energy to take care of diabetes than it does to get angry with it.

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