Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

Don’t keep them guessing

Just in case....

We try as hard as we can to avoid it, but sometimes our blood sugars take a nose-dive and we lapse into behaviors that are unusual. We appear inattentive, distracted, unfocused, erratic, violent… the list goes on, and I don’t need to complete it. I know the symptoms of hypoglycemia all too well; if you’re reading this, you probably do, too. But many people don’t.

Yesterday, Mike Hoskins, usually blogging at The Diabetics Corner Booth, guest-posted on Diabetes Mine with an article about Police Training on Diabetes. He notes how many police can’t spot the symptoms of hypoglycemia, and therefore don’t respond appropriately. Too often, these people are assumed to be drunk, high, or just plain rebellious, and police use force in trying to restrain and subdue them and do nothing to treat the situation.

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