There’s something about 2/29

It's been one of "those" days.

There must be something magical about February 29th. I didn’t do anything particularly extraordinary – I woke up at a normal time, had a normal breakfast, made myself some coffee, and took the strenuous fifteen-step walk from the kitchen to my home-office, where I parked my butt in the chair for the duration of the morning. My Keurig got more of a workout than I did.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Yet, every time I glanced at the CGM screen on my pump, I was convinced something was missing. The dawn-phenomenon spike that plagues me 365 mornings out of the year? Gone. Those glucose “excursions” that follow every breakfast and lunch? Barely a blip. I had flat-lined. If the CGM were an EKG, I’d be dead. I must’ve burned through 15 test strips that morning, seeking reassurance that the horizontal line I was seeing was indeed true. My blood sugar practically never left the 80 to 130 range all day. I was overjoyed. I probably haven’t had a day like this in four years.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Jess, blogging at Me and D, had flatlined as well.

Today (yesterday to you, I’m writing this on March 1) was a return to normalcy. While my CGM told me I was trending a mediocre-but-acceptable 135 all morning (after correcting a dawn-phenomenon spike and a stubborn post-breakfast high), my meter told a different story. Not only was my true BG way off, but it was way worse — about 70 points higher. Today I was constantly chasing high blood sugars with correction boluses, and chasing inaccurate CGM readings with new calibrations. Double-up arrows alternated with double-down arrows. Today was one of those days that was a complete disaster.

On my CGM display, today’s purple mountain majesties sharply contrasted yesterday’s fruited plains.

And I can’t explain it.

Maybe diabetes forgot about this extra day, and decided to make up for it on the next. Maybe it’s just one of those things … those many things …. that all the diabetes experience in the world can’t explain.

Maybe there’s something magical about February 29th.

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  1. That was a great flatline Scott. Just think, in 4 more years, you get another day like that! Come to think of it, my BS was pretty good that day also – maybe there really was something in the air that day.



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