Facebook and A New Look

I’ve decided to update the look of this page (I’m entitled to do so!  See “I’m New Here” on the right) to a different theme.  While the previous theme was crisp and clean, I also felt it was somewhat cold.  This new look, I believe, is a bit warmer and more inviting.  But I’m Still New Here, so things may continue to change as I refine the blog and try to develop a readership.  A few days ago, I also updated the banner at the top of the page.

Also, ROTD now has a Facebook page!  “Like” us on Facebook and new posts will get delivered to your newsfeed, automatically.  Of course, you can also get updates via RSS or through old-fashioned e-mail.  (e-mail old-fashioned?  what does that make snail-mail?).  Maybe one day I’ll join Twitter, once I learn how to express my thoughts in 140 characters or less.  Meanwhile, you can also share what you see here by hovering over the “Share” button at the bottom of each post.


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