Breaking up is (not so) hard to do

Our relationship is over.

For thirty-three years, the only pieces of medical ID I owned was from Medic Alert. There were many.

They served me well (except for the few years that I refused to wear it, but that’s on me and not them), but I’ve become frustrated with them.  The split-links would separate, the clasps would break, and the bracelet would slide off my wrist –  at any moment, without warning. I’d spend too much time on my hands and knees looking for that tiny missing link, or pay a jeweler some astronomical amount of money to get a replacement.

Those split links (the tiny ones that clip to the medallion with the gap to allow for re-sizing, were too flexible and would always move or get caught on things. My sleeves and pockets have many a pulled thread because of that separated gap.

(When the split-link gets caught on a thread inside of the pocket and I try to manipulate my hand to break free - still hand-in-pocket - it can look like I’m engaged in something indecent. It’s embarrassing.)

So I went ahead and ordered a Stealth bracelet from Lauren’s Hope.

So far, I like it.  It’s a little awkward in that the engraved medallion doesn’t twist over and the bracelet has to be removed for it to be read -the clasp is in the back, towards the center, (and I may not have ordered it if I’d known about this), but it’s been on my wrist for a week so far, and not having jagged edges to get caught on things is a definite plus.


bracelet bottom  bracelet front

* * *

I know Lauren’s Hope gets a lot of publicity through blog posts and giveaways.  This isn’t among them. Nobody asked if I was interested in an LH bracelet, I simply ordered it with my very own Visa card, using a promotion that was in effect over Memorial Day weekend .

If you’re interested in a Lauren’s Hope bracelet (there are lots of styles to chose from!), I don’t have promtional codes, giveaways, or anything else to offer.  But if you look around the ‘net, you’re bound to find one. Or wait until 4th of July Weekend – I’m sure there will be some sort of promotion then.


Out with the old…

bracelet engraved

…in with the new.

After 33 years … the end of an era.

I’m right, and everyone else is wrong?

ThreshSuspendSounds ridiculous, right?

I keep asking myself why I feel this way about the Enlite sensor.

I keep telling myself that – despite the experience of others – I can get it to work to my satisfaction. I want it to work, I really do. Really, really, really.

Lots of times, it does. When my diabetes is behaving well and my blood sugars stay in a comfortable range (say, between 70 and 200 mg/dl), Enlite’s performance is fantastic. Awesome. Impeccable. And I’m happy – very happy – and I tell myself that I’m going to stick with it after my trial (disclosure) is over.

But then something goes wrong.

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Things that go BEEP in the night

Oh, I heard it.RepeatedHiAlarms

I’m pretty sure I heard it.

Every hour.  For seven hours straight.

I don’t remember the first six times it happened, but I do remember lying in bed on the seventh, to the sound of Bee-do-Bee-do-Bee-do echoing from beneath the sheets.

I remember lying restlessly in bed, trying to fall back to sleep in spite of the background noise.


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“Sharply Dressed”, Undressed

I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping my promise to take you behind the scenes of the video I created for Diabetes Blog Week.

And since it was posted in response to a Saturday topic, and blog readership is relatively light on weekends, you may have missed it. And if that’s the case, you’ll need to spend two and a half minutes watching it (embedded below for your convenience), otherwise what I’m about to say won’t make any sense.

So… now that you understand, here’s the story behind the video:

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You might be a DOCaholic…

Top Twelve signs you are addicted to the Diabetes Online Community:

(Yes, twelve. Because who can really stop at ten?)



You obsessively take photographs of numbers.


You know what it means to have “bloused” before a meal, and you’ve likely done it yourself. Read the rest of this entry


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